FOTD: Hyuna ACT7 Makeup

Okay y’all I’m back after forever, and in typical Sophia fashion, I’m doing yet another Hyuna tutorial lol. It’s not even intentional, but every time she has a comeback I kind of can’t help myself, plus, these seem to be my most popular posts so I’m assuming you guys like it? To be honest, I still have mixed feelings about the song but I love the makeup anyway.

Hyuna’s makeup for ACT7 is super simple- flawless skin, lashes, grey contacts and a bold red lip. She does wear eyeliner in some parts of the music video, so I’ll show the lashy look first, and add a liner after, just so you can have some variation.

Start off with grey contacts, I personally recommend the AirOptix lenses because they’re super intense and comfortable, I finished my stock so the ones I’m wearing are the geo tri-colour greys. These are pretty comfortable but the colour pay off isn’t amazing.

I’ve been breaking out lately (again), so I’m going for more coverage, but feel free to cater the base to your liking. I’m mixing my mac prolongwear concealer in NC25 with my Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation for a semi-glowy and high coverage base. I’m also going over any blemishes that are still peeking through the foundation, and setting it with my Vichy Dermablend Powder. This powders really finely milled and keeps my foundation in place relatively well.

For eyebrows, I’m using my Sleek Brow Stylist and Brow Perfector, the brow stylist was pretty popular a while ago and is supposedly a dupe for the Tom Form brow pencil due to its shape. Personally I like it because its really quick to apply and blend out. Start by sketching out the shape of the brow, blend it out using the spoolie and fill in the ends and any sparse areas accordingly.

The eyes for this look are super simple, using a shade of brown thats slightly darker than your skin tone, apply it to your lids up to your crease for subtly definition. Contour your nose with the same shade if you’d like using a fluffy brush, I think it makes my features look a bit sharper and a little more refined, blend the contour out with a sponge to soften the look.


Apply lashings of mascara, it doesn’t look like Hyuna’s wearing any false lashes from pictures, but feel free to add some subtle ones for more drama. Her lashes look  pretty spiky, so don’t be afraid to really layer the mascara on your top and bottom lashes. Don’t forget to powder under your eyes to prevent smudging.

Now for some of the scenes where she has eyeliner, use a liquid eyeliner to fill in the gaps in your lashes for a more cohesive appearance and wing it out towards the end. Her liner looks pretty subtle apart from the wing so keep it lowkey. If your liner comes out too thick, use a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover, and fix the issue so your liner is sharp enough to cut a man.

photogrid_1454602485378.jpgFor the star of this makeup- the lips,  I’m using my Rimmel Provocalips in Play with Fire. Line your lips with either a nude or red lipliner to define your shape before you apply the lip colour. I typically apply two layers of the colour for more drama and then apply the balm over to prevent drying. Once this lip colour has set it is literally not going anywhere until you remove it with waterproof eye makeup remover. The balm can give a bit of a sheen so blot or powder over the top if you don’t like that look.


Fiiiiinally you’re done! It’s been a bit of a struggle for the past few months because it was really hard for me to take pics for content and whatnot, plus I’ve had no time. Buuuuut I’m back for a bit so let me know if theres anything you want to see, I was also thinking of setting up a youtube channel in the summer but I’m not sure. Let me know what you think about that?

Stay Awesome!

-Sophia xx






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