Feel Good Vibes | Music Mondays

At this point in time, I am currently sitting on the floor of the British Library charging my laptop and phone, unable to do any actual work because theres no table and I haven’t reached the point where I’m ready to be sprawled across the floor  (yet). Consequently I have spontaneously decided to start a series which may or may not be a regular thing (I’m not very good with consistent blog posts).

As I and the rest of 16/17/18 year olds are currently in the middle of exam season I decided to put together a small playlist of feel good songs to listen to during revision. Hopefully some of these songs will put you in a good mood and less likely to strangle yourself out of frustration for the education system and information that won’t adhere to your memory.

As a little encouragement present from me to you, here is a little playlist of feel good songs!


-Sophia xx

P.s: leave me some music suggestions too!


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