“She’s just a golddigger!” | Johnny Depp x Amber Heard Rant

It both angers and breaks my heart when I see people berate Amber Heard for speaking up about her abuse.

These are the same people that have no idea what it is like to live under the fear of abuse, let me tell you its fucking terrifying. I haven’t been abused physically myself but I’ve witnessed it happen, lived in fear of it happening to me for over ten years of my life. Often the abusers never appear to be violent to friends or the public, but they may have fits of violence towards their significant other or family.

To the people that question the validity of Amber Heard’s claims, I’d like you to put yourselves in the position of a victim of domestic abuse. I’d like you to imagine living in constant fear of being hurt, being subject to verbal abuse and manipulation by the one you love. The fear in your heart is ubiquitous despite the love you may feel for the said person, watching them apologise for their actions after they’ve cleared their minds up and begging you not to leave them. Domestic abuse is often a downward spiral because the victim tends to believe the latter will change and end up giving them chance after chance but the situations just get worse. Let me tell you, the fear never leaves, ┬áthe fits of anger may become worse and you end up fearing for your safety constantly, yet you’re terrified of what will happen if you leave them.

I’m not saying that there isn’t a possibility of her lying, I’m saying we should always give the victim the benefit of doubt because coming out about abuse is never easy.


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