Fairy/ Pixie Makeup | Halloween Makeup

Hey my lovelies! Since I’m antisocial af and have nothing better to do on a Saturday night, I decided to play about with makeup. Initially I wasn’t really sure how I wanted this look to turn out except for wanting to have a pinkish tone and look kind of ethereal. All in all I’m pretty happy with how it pulled through and this look is a super pretty alternative if you don’t like gory or scary makeup for halloween!


For my base makeup, I used the Missha x Line Friends Brownie compact in 23, though its advertised as the matte version I find that it gives sufficient glow and is pretty moisturising on my skin. For any imperfections still peeking through I used the nyx HD concealer in beige. My brows were done with the Etude House Drawing Pencil in Grey Brown.

The eyeshadows used were all from makeup geek

1: Roulette, 2: Mango Tango, 3: Wild West


I applied Wild West as a transitional shade across my lid and into the crease, I also brought it down in the lower lash line pulling it pretty far down.


I then popped Mango Tango onto the centre of the lid, don’t go crazy with this as it’s very pink and if you go overboard you can look like you got pink eye.


I blended Roulette into the outer corners of my eye and into Mango Tango, I also layered it over my lower lashline over Wild West.


Its kind of annoying that it isn’t visible but I applied the peachy makeup revolution blush at the corners of my eyes bringing it down onto the top of my cheeks where you would usually apply your highlight.



I layered a generic white glitter over the blush to try and give a kind of ethereal vibe.


Going back to the eyes I applied a little bit of mascara and put some really natural false eyelashes I got from amazon on top. I wanted a slightly softer look so I went over the lash band with a brown liquid liner from Clio and winged it out slightly. I also decided that the cheeks weren’t really glowy enough so I used the Barry M Dazzle Dust in 27 which is a white gold pigment on the high points of my face.


I didn’t want to overpower the eyes so I just used a little tinted lipbalm and finished.

And that’s a wrap! I’m pretty pleased with how this makeup turned out and I hope you did too! If you have any halloween makeup requests let me know and I’ll try my hand at it!

-Love Sophia xx











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