PSA: I’m Moving

Heya my lovelies! I’ve created a new site at so find me on there instead! After being completely shit at this blog for the past two years I’ve decided to start afresh with a better layout and website in general. I’d love it if you could check out my new site and follow my instagram @so.phiah!


-Love Sophia



I’m back! (again)

Scrolling through Ellen V Lora’s blog has semi inspired me to start writing my own blog again, for the past few months I’ve been both uninspired by life and trying to enjoy summer to the fullest before I start job-hunting and earning money in my gap year etc.

In all honesty, I’m still a little lost as to what content I want to post here and what you guys want to see, granted I don’t have a very large audience but I’d still like to know what kind of posts you guys would like. Feel free to send me requests for looks, outfits, reviews etc because I obviously haven’t found my way yet!

I recently revived the instagram that was linked to this blog just because I wanted to keep it separate from my general daily life, it’s mostly filled spam/rant posts and predominantly serves as a selfie dump but feel free to go check it out! My handles @fightrogen!

I guess a couple of things have changed since I last posted, I want to keep it real with you guys I rarely listen to kpop anymore. I mean I still have groups I like and check up on every once in a while but I don’t actively seek out and keep up with comebacks now. Although I still love the beauty trends so I kind of keep up with those periodically.

Anyway it was nice catching up with you guys and please please please give me some ideas for what kind of posts I should put up! ❤

-Love Sophia



GRWM| f(x) Luna Free Somebody MV

So in the middle of exams, I filmed this GRWM inspired by the teaser images for Luna’s new solo ‘Free Somebody’.

Since its so heavily filtered it was a little difficult to pinpoint the exact shades that were used on her but I tried my best so give it a watch (please)?

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Feel Good Vibes | Music Mondays

At this point in time, I am currently sitting on the floor of the British Library charging my laptop and phone, unable to do any actual work because theres no table and I haven’t reached the point where I’m ready to be sprawled across the floor  (yet). Consequently I have spontaneously decided to start a series which may or may not be a regular thing (I’m not very good with consistent blog posts).

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Glo up?? My transformation throughout the years

Daaaamn Sophia, back at it again with the procrastination blog posts!

Okay I recently went through some of my old photo, and whilst most of them aren’t terrible, I do regret a couple of choices I made. Honestly I thought I’ve look pretty consistent through the years but lord do I look different from when I was 13, so if you want to see some pretty embarrassing photos of me stay tuned. Continue reading Glo up?? My transformation throughout the years


I don’t know about you, but I find it insanely difficult to shop for my family as we (myself included) are the type to buy something when we want/need it for ourselves. Despite having everything we really need, I still notice that sometimes, my Dad doesn’t like spending money on himself. So here’s a gift guide for the frugal Asian Dad that still some how still has everything. I also put direct links to where you can buy all these things in the blogpost so enjoy!

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Public School | My experience and Problems with it

Hey y’all, I know its back to school season and I’ve pretty much done shit all in terms of blog posts, I’m sorry, but hopefully this post will be interesting to you and maybe get you thinking a little. Continue reading Public School | My experience and Problems with it

Review: Etude House AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot

Hi my lovelies, I’m here, bringing you a review of a product with the longest name known to man. Since I’m chronically lazy, from here on forth I will refer to it as the ACIPPS. I’ll get to the point- this product is one of my all time favourite spot treatments.

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