I don’t know about you, but I find it insanely difficult to shop for my family as we (myself included) are the type to buy something when we want/need it for ourselves. Despite having everything we really need, I still notice that sometimes, my Dad doesn’t like spending money on himself. So here’s a gift guide for the frugal Asian Dad that still some how still has everything. I also put direct links to where you can buy all these things in the blogpost so enjoy!

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Public School | My experience and Problems with it

Hey y’all, I know its back to school season and I’ve pretty much done shit all in terms of blog posts, I’m sorry, but hopefully this post will be interesting to you and maybe get you thinking a little. Continue reading Public School | My experience and Problems with it

Back to School | Essentials x Tips

Hi my lovelies! Whilst this post is titled essentials, these products are by no means mandatory in your educational career- I just find that keeping some of these things with me makes life a lot easier in some aspects.
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Back to School/ Stationery Haul

Hey guys! I’m heading back to school soon (sobs) and I recently did some stationary shopping just because I feel like:

1) Its the illusion of productivity

2) They’re pretty to look at so it motivates me to actually use them to do work. Continue reading Back to School/ Stationery Haul

Review: Etude House AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot

Hi my lovelies, I’m here, bringing you a review of a product with the longest name known to man. Since I’m chronically lazy, from here on forth I will refer to it as the ACIPPS. I’ll get to the point- this product is one of my all time favourite spot treatments.

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FOTD: Hyuna Roll Deep MV Makeup

Hey y’all! I’m finally back with a new MV makeup, this was mainly based on the A+ teaser but it also looks pretty similar to what Hyuna wore in the Roll Deep MV. Needless to say Hyuna is my queen and she will slay whatever she does and so this is just my interpretation of the kind of sultry, sexy makeup she rocks. Continue reading FOTD: Hyuna Roll Deep MV Makeup

The Acne Diary: Day Fourteen

Hello all! I’m back two weeks later with an update on my skin, in general I do think there has been a good improvement texturally. The photos I’ll insert look a lot worse than they do in real life I feel like probably because I took them in such strong direct sunlight that everything seems more red and angry. Continue reading The Acne Diary: Day Fourteen

The Acne Diary: Day One

I know in a lot of my blog posts it doesn’t look like I have acne, but I do. For a large majority of my life, I’ve suffered with mild to moderate acne, but a week ago, my skin took a turn for the worst. I’m not entirely sure what triggered the change, but my skin’s covered in hard cystic pimples. Acne is a condition that people often don’t take very seriously because its not considered life threatening, but they also don’t take into consideration the emotional damage acne causes. 
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