Glo up?? My transformation throughout the years

Daaaamn Sophia, back at it again with the procrastination blog posts!

Okay I recently went through some of my old photo, and whilst most of them aren’t terrible, I do regret a couple of choices I made. Honestly I thought I’ve look pretty consistent through the years but lord do I look different from when I was 13, so if you want to see some pretty embarrassing photos of me stay tuned. Continue reading Glo up?? My transformation throughout the years


FOTD: Hyuna ACT7 Makeup

Okay y’all I’m back after forever, and in typical Sophia fashion, I’m doing yet another Hyuna tutorial lol. It’s not even intentional, but every time she has a comeback I kind of can’t help myself, plus, these seem to be my most popular posts so I’m assuming you guys like it? To be honest, I still have mixed feelings about the song but I love the makeup anyway. Continue reading FOTD: Hyuna ACT7 Makeup

FOTD: Yoona Catch Me If You Can MV Makeup

Okay to be honest, the new snsd song for me was so-so, it wasn’t particularly catchy and kind of reminded me of TVXQ’s Catch Me. However, undoubtedly they all looked amazing- smokey eyes, flawless skin, abs and legs for days.   Continue reading FOTD: Yoona Catch Me If You Can MV Makeup

Spring Try- On Haul

So last night I decided to get a couple of pieces off which is one of my favorite places to shop because they usually have a next day delivery discount and I can also get a few extra pounds off my total expenditure because of my student discount.  Continue reading Spring Try- On Haul


Since this is a new blog and I’m probably a bit of a mystery to you, I decided to do the TMI Tag (if you get bored you can leave, I won’t hate you). Although its not really a New Years Resolution, I do want to keep putting up regular content so let me know about any posts you would want to see!

Without further ado…
Continue reading TMI Tag

Asian Dramas: The Chinese

Let’s be honest, if you have an Eastern- Asian background, chances are you’ve seen a couple of cheesy Asian dramas ( Return of the Pearl Princess anyone?). Recently, I’ve been going to Chinese school again because I’m sitting the A2 Chinese exam in the summer; it’s been a while since I’ve done Chinese and I can definitely feel that I’m not as fluent or as good at it as I used to be. As a result of this, I’ve been watching more Chinese dramas and the occasional Chinese song to help the process of improving my Chinese. Granted in the process of searching for a decent drama to  watch, I’ve come across some pretty awful ones that just make me want to shoot the leading actress, however I’ve come across a few that I thought I’d share with you guys in case you were in the same situation as me or just fancied watching some Asian dramas. Continue reading Asian Dramas: The Chinese