Fairy/ Pixie Makeup | Halloween Makeup

Hey my lovelies! Since I’m antisocial af and have nothing better to do on a Saturday night, I decided to play about with makeup. Initially I wasn’t really sure how I wanted this look to turn out except for wanting to have a pinkish tone and look kind of ethereal. All in all I’m pretty happy with how it pulled through and this look is a super pretty alternative if you don’t like gory or scary makeup for halloween!

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FOTD: 4minute Hyuna Crazy MV

Today, I attempted Hyuna’s makeup from the new Crazy music video. Which, by the way, absolutely slays *insert gun emojis*. All of the members look like absolute queens but I really did like Hyuna’s makeup, from the dramatic cat eye, to the bold red lips. This is the look that I based my makeup off and I think she definitely rocks the bold look.  Continue reading FOTD: 4minute Hyuna Crazy MV

Asian Cosmetics Haul

As you may have realised if you’ve been reading my blog (probably not) I am a female and sometimes I like to buy cosmetics, particularly the Asian kind because it’s not as easily accessible in the UK as it is in Asia (shocker!). So recently, I’ve made a purchase from the ebay seller ‘f2plus1’ and I figured I may as well share it with you guys. Since  I just received the parcel today, I don’t have any opinions on the products, however, I’d be happy to do a review for some or all of them. Continue reading Asian Cosmetics Haul