Fairy/ Pixie Makeup | Halloween Makeup

Hey my lovelies! Since I’m antisocial af and have nothing better to do on a Saturday night, I decided to play about with makeup. Initially I wasn’t really sure how I wanted this look to turn out except for wanting to have a pinkish tone and look kind of ethereal. All in all I’m pretty happy with how it pulled through and this look is a super pretty alternative if you don’t like gory or scary makeup for halloween!

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GRWM| f(x) Luna Free Somebody MV

So in the middle of exams, I filmed this GRWM inspired by the teaser images for Luna’s new solo ‘Free Somebody’.

Since its so heavily filtered it was a little difficult to pinpoint the exact shades that were used on her but I tried my best so give it a watch (please)?

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Glo up?? My transformation throughout the years

Daaaamn Sophia, back at it again with the procrastination blog posts!

Okay I recently went through some of my old photo, and whilst most of them aren’t terrible, I do regret a couple of choices I made. Honestly I thought I’ve look pretty consistent through the years but lord do I look different from when I was 13, so if you want to see some pretty embarrassing photos of me stay tuned. Continue reading Glo up?? My transformation throughout the years

FOTD: Hyuna ACT7 Makeup

Okay y’all I’m back after forever, and in typical Sophia fashion, I’m doing yet another Hyuna tutorial lol. It’s not even intentional, but every time she has a comeback I kind of can’t help myself, plus, these seem to be my most popular posts so I’m assuming you guys like it? To be honest, I still have mixed feelings about the song but I love the makeup anyway. Continue reading FOTD: Hyuna ACT7 Makeup

FOTD: Hyuna Roll Deep MV Makeup

Hey y’all! I’m finally back with a new MV makeup, this was mainly based on the A+ teaser but it also looks pretty similar to what Hyuna wore in the Roll Deep MV. Needless to say Hyuna is my queen and she will slay whatever she does and so this is just my interpretation of the kind of sultry, sexy makeup she rocks. Continue reading FOTD: Hyuna Roll Deep MV Makeup

FOTD: Yoona Catch Me If You Can MV Makeup

Okay to be honest, the new snsd song for me was so-so, it wasn’t particularly catchy and kind of reminded me of TVXQ’s Catch Me. However, undoubtedly they all looked amazing- smokey eyes, flawless skin, abs and legs for days.   Continue reading FOTD: Yoona Catch Me If You Can MV Makeup

FOTD: EXO Baekhyun Burgundy Makeup

Yes, I know, Baekhyun’s a guy, but let’s face it- he looks better in eyeliner than most of us do. This is a recreation of the famous burgundy, smudgy smouldering goodness of an eye makeup look that Baekhyun had on a couple of months ago. I’m doing this look in celebration of the new EXO comeback (yay) and the “accidental” leakage of their new song (again).

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FOTD: Unpretty Rapstar Kisum Day to Night Makeup

So I’ve been super addicted to the korean show Unpretty Rapstars which centres around 8 female rappers competing to get featured on the tracks of a collaboration album. One of my favourite rappers on the show is Kisum because she’s hella cute, expressive and just all round seems like a super sweet person to hang with, also her raps are pretty addictive to listen to.
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FOTD: 4minute Hyuna Crazy MV

Today, I attempted Hyuna’s makeup from the new Crazy music video. Which, by the way, absolutely slays *insert gun emojis*. All of the members look like absolute queens but I really did like Hyuna’s makeup, from the dramatic cat eye, to the bold red lips. This is the look that I based my makeup off and I think she definitely rocks the bold look.  Continue reading FOTD: 4minute Hyuna Crazy MV