Glo up?? My transformation throughout the years

Daaaamn Sophia, back at it again with the procrastination blog posts!

Okay I recently went through some of my old photo, and whilst most of them aren’t terrible, I do regret a couple of choices I made. Honestly I thought I’ve look pretty consistent through the years but lord do I look different from when I was 13, so if you want to see some pretty embarrassing photos of me stay tuned. Continue reading Glo up?? My transformation throughout the years


Back to School | Essentials x Tips

Hi my lovelies! Whilst this post is titled essentials, these products are by no means mandatory in your educational career- I just find that keeping some of these things with me makes life a lot easier in some aspects.
Continue reading Back to School | Essentials x Tips

Back to School/ Stationery Haul

Hey guys! I’m heading back to school soon (sobs) and I recently did some stationary shopping just because I feel like:

1) Its the illusion of productivity

2) They’re pretty to look at so it motivates me to actually use them to do work. Continue reading Back to School/ Stationery Haul