Feel Good Vibes | Music Mondays

At this point in time, I am currently sitting on the floor of the British Library charging my laptop and phone, unable to do any actual work because theres no table and I haven’t reached the point where I’m ready to be sprawled across the floor ¬†(yet). Consequently I have spontaneously decided to start a series which may or may not be a regular thing (I’m not very good with consistent blog posts).

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FOTD: EXO Baekhyun Burgundy Makeup

Yes, I know, Baekhyun’s a guy, but let’s face it- he looks better in eyeliner than most of us do. This is a recreation of the famous burgundy, smudgy smouldering goodness of an eye makeup look that Baekhyun had on a couple of months ago. I’m doing this look in celebration of the new EXO comeback (yay) and the “accidental” leakage of their new song (again).

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Since this is a new blog and I’m probably a bit of a mystery to you, I decided to do the TMI Tag (if you get bored you can leave, I won’t hate you). Although its not really a New Years Resolution, I do want to keep putting up regular content so let me know about¬†any posts you would want to see!

Without further ado…
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